Orange Honey Glazed Chicken Drumstick

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Sweet and sour. A perfect combination that activates two of your distinct taste buds. Various dishes with various ingredients come together to form a sweet and sour dish. We’ll show you this amazing combination served through a unique dish with mixed ingredients, the orange, and honey glazed chicken drumsticks. It’s famously served in restaurants across the globe. However, people often find it hard to pull off the combo. But we’re here to help you out. Check out our recipe and let’s get cooking!

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Can lemons completely substitute oranges in this dish?

Oranges and lemons are both citrus fruits. Though oranges are enjoyed mainly for their sweetness. Our recipe focuses on getting that unique taste of sweet and sour of an orange. Lemon chicken is a separate and well-known dish that primarily uses lemons.

Would the recipe work out if we replace drumsticks with chicken pieces?

Chicken drumsticks are cooked differently in some cases because of their high-fat content. They need to be cooked for longer. However, you can still pull it off with the same ingredients.

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Orange Honey Glazed Chicken Drumstick

Course: Main CourseCuisine: IndianDifficulty: Easy


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Follow the step-by-step easy recipe by Urban Teapot to make this Awesome – Spicy – Delicious “Theeka Murgh” or Spicy Chicken Recipe at home 😃 !


  • Marinating the chicken
  • 6 pc Chicken drumsticks

  • 1 tbsp Ginger garlic

  • 1 tbsp Cooking oil

  • 1/2 tsp Oregano

  • 1/2 tsp Red Chili flakes

  • 1 tbsp Honey

  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice

  • Preparing the orange honey glazed drumsticks
  • 1 tbsp Cooking oil

  • 1 tbsp Butter

  • 1 pc Onion

  • 4 pc Garlic

  • 1/4 cup Chicken broth

  • 1/2 cup Orange juice

  • 1 tbsp Orange zest

  • 1/4 cup Honey

  • 1/2 tsp Salt


  • Marinating the Chicken
  • Into a large bowl take chicken drumsticks 6 pc, ginger garlic 1 tbsp, oregano 1/2 tsp, red chili flakes 1/2 tsp, lemon juice 1 tbsp, honey 1 tbsp, cooking oil 1 tbsp – mix everything properly and let it marinate for about 30 minutes.
  • Preparing the orange honey glazed drumsticks
  • Into a heating pot, add cooking oil 1 tbsp, butter 1 tbsp, chopped garlic 4 pc, and stir it for few seconds.
  • Add marinated chicken into it and fry each side of the chicken for 4 minutes on medium to high heat.
  • After, add chopped onion 1 pc, and let it cook for about 5 minutes on medium heat.
  • Add salt 1/2 tsp, chicken broth 1/4 cup, and give it to a boil.
  • Add orange zest 1 tbsp, orange juice 1/2 cup – stir & add honey 1/4 cup – mix it well.
  • Cover and let it cook for about 15 minutes on medium to high heat.
  • After, open the lid and let it cook until the gravy turns into the glazed form on high heat.
  • When the gravy becomes a thick sauce, stir the chicken and sauce well turn off the heat.
  • Now our honey orange-glazed chicken drumsticks are ready to serve.

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  • You can use boneless chicken or normal chicken also instead of drumsticks for this recipe.
  • If you need more gravy form, then switch off the heat before it gets too thick.
  • You can reduce or increase the amount of honey according to the sweetness you need.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

3 servings per container


  • Amount Per Serving% Daily Value *
  • Total Fat 18.5g 29%
    • Saturated Fat 5.3g 27%
  • Cholesterol 91mg 31%
  • Sodium 495mg 21%
  • Amount Per Serving% Daily Value *
  • Potassium 411mg 12%
  • Total Carbohydrate 40.4g 14%
    • Dietary Fiber 1.6g 7%
    • Sugars 34.4g
  • Protein 26.8g 54%
  • Calcium 3%
  • Iron 13%
  • Vitamin D 13%

* The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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